Health Guarantee


The health of your aussie doodle is our number one priority. To ensure your puppy arrives home happy and healthy, we not only require comprehensive health evaluations for every aussie doodle prior to travel, but also offer a Health Guarantee..

We guarantee that all vaccinations have been given as stated on the vaccination schedule. We encourage the buyer to have this Aussie Doodle examined by a licensed Veterinarian of their choice within 48 hours of taking possession of these Puppies.If these Puppies are found to have a life threatening hereditary congenital defect or any major health problem at this exam, a replacement Puppy of equal value will be given, provided that the seller is notified within 24 hours after the exam. These puppies must be returned to the Breeder along with the registration papers within 24 hours, at no expense to the breeder, with a signed document from the licensed Veterinarian stating the defect or problem.

Vaccinations are starting at 8-9 weeks of age a booster is given 4 weeks from the date of the first vaccination then possible a month later depending on your vet’s recommendations.

Your Aussie Doodle is guaranteed for one year from the date of birth against life threatening congenital defects. If within that time a life threatening congenital defect is found by a licensed veterinarian, the breeder will replace the Puppy with another Puppy of same quality and price. The replacement will be subject to availability. The Puppy will be replaced and no money will be refunded.

The purchaser must provide, at the buyer’s expense, a written statement from a licensed veterinarian. We, the breeder, are not responsible for any veterinarian bills acquired by you, the buyer. We will not be responsible for illness or any health problems which are diagnosed after this time period.

In the unlikely event of this Puppies death in the first year due to congenital defect, a statement from a Veterinarian confirming such an event and cause is required before any action will be taken by the breeder. If cause is unknown, an autopsy is required. The Breeder will not be responsibly for Veterinary or Medical bills incurred.

After the initial Puppies vaccines or first adult series, rotate the FVRCP, leukemia and rabies on three year cycles. Your puppy gets it’s yearly physical and we minimize vaccine reactions. I, personally, bathe our Puppies as needed with a shampoo. This helps keep the hair shedding down. I also treat for hairballs once weekly with an oral medication.

If for any reason we, the breeder, and the original purchaser of this Aussie Doodle should end up in a court of law, then the original purchaser hereby agrees to bare any and all court costs and attorney’s fees for both the breeder and original purchaser. Furthermore, it is agreed that any court proceedings shall be held in the breeder’s state and county